Akim Ayirebi health and sanitation project

The Akim Ayirebi Township has received a facelift on the issue of sanitation. Coliso Ghana in partnership with its funding partners: The Flemish Government, FOS, and DEME4LIFE Foundation via AC-Antwerpen, have implemented a health and sanitation project at Akim Ayirebi Township in the Akyemmansa District  in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

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Akim Gyadam Health and Sanitation Project

The Province of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp from Belgium and FOS through Okyeman Union and Coliso Ghana have constructed a 8 room toilet and bath facility for Akim Gyadam clinic patients under the Akim Gyadam Health and sanitation project.
The sanitation part comes in addition to the health facility which was constructed in 2012 with funding from the City of Antwerp for the people of Akim Gyadam community members. Akim Gyadam is a settlement in the Birim Central Municipality in the Eastern of Region of Ghana.

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