Tano Odumase gets its water system rehabilited and Wassa Saah to get potable water

The people of Tano Odumase in the Sekyere-South District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana tasted pipe-borne water after a very  long time.A  rehabilitated water system was commissioned on Sunday 10th August, 2014 after the citizens had experienced much  difficulties to obtain good  drinking water.

During the commissioning, Mr. E. D Kusi Ayarkwah, the District Chief Executive was seen drinking a cup of water from the rehabilitated water system whilst others, mostly women danced with all excitement.

The project titled “Provision of potable water and improvement of sanitation in four (4) rural areas of Ghana is being implemented by COLISO GHANA and financially supported by the Flemish Community Government, FOS Belgium, TMVW-Waterlink, City of Antwerp, and Ghana Council.

Tano Odumase Community and the Sekyere-South District Assembly is the second beneficiary of the project after Akim Akotokum”. The other beneficiary communities are Wassa Saah and Jema Nante Communities.

It was actually a great joy and excitement to the members of the Community especially the women and the Children who had to trek long distance to fetch water from streams daily.