Akim Adjobue gets potable water

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Adjobue, a rural community in the Akyemmansa District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana has been provided with a mechanized borehole (powered by solar and electricity with 6 pipe stands, fitted with 2 taps each) by COLISO GHANA and its funding partners, both local and foreign.

The Community Livelihoods Support Organization (COLISO) Ghana is undertaking a project of supplying water and sanitation in two (2) rural communities (Adjobue and Adwafo) and a Senior High school (Akim Swedru Senior High School) under the project title “Improvement of drinking water supply and sanitation for two rural communities and a secondary school in Ghana”

The sod cutting of the water and sanitation project was done on the 11th of March, 2018. The water project has been completed and is being powered by solar energy and then with electricity. Funding partners of this project were the Flemish Government within the framework of the Flemish Partnership Water for Development, ABVV-AC Antwerp, Humasol, City of Antwerp, DEME4Life Foundation, FUJI Oil Belgium, FARYS, FOS Belgium, Ghana Council, Belgium.

Three engineering students (Natan Vandeginste, Hendrik Deleye, and Astrid Vermaut) from Humasol, Belgium assisted COLISO engineer, Mr. Jeffery Ofosu with the installation of the solar panels.

Community members of Adjobue are thankful for the new water project and are hoping for a smooth project on the sanitation project yet to be commenced in their community.