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girls-2Akim Swedru Senior High School, (AKISSS) is a second cycle school in the Birim South District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana with a student population of 2,500 (1,500 girls and 1,000 boys). The planned infrastructures for sanitation of the school were not adopted to accommodate the growth of the students since the school structures were built in the 1970s with a student population of 500.

Community Livelihood Support Organization (COLISO) together with the Akim Swedru SHS (AKISSS) Old Students Association secured funding for the provision of two 12-seater toilet facilities for the students, one at the boys and one at the girls dormitory.

IMG-20180910-WA0009-FILEminimizerAdjobue, a rural community in the Akyemmansa District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana has been provided with a mechanized borehole (powered by solar and electricity with 6 pipe stands, fitted with 2 taps each) by COLISO GHANA and its funding partners, both local and foreign.

The Community Livelihoods Support Organization (COLISO) Ghana is undertaking a project of supplying water and sanitation in two (2) rural communities (Adjobue and Adwafo) and a Senior High school (Akim Swedru Senior High School) under the project title “Improvement of drinking water supply and sanitation for two rural communities and a secondary school in Ghana”

2262-FILEminimizer Students of Akim Swedru Senior High School in the Eastern Region of Ghana have been provided with additional water system to supplement the inadequate water supply in the school. The water project was funded by the LIZA for Ghana Fund, a Non-Governmental organization in Belgium, supported by the School’s Old Students association and implemented by COLISO Ghana has been completed, commissioned and handed over to the school authority on December 8, 2016. The commissioning ceremony was

nanteThe people of Jema Nante in the Kintampo South District in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana have been provided with modern sanitary facilities by the Community Livelihoods Support Organization (COLISO GHANA), a Non-Governmental Organization

The facilities consisting of two separate twelve-seater water closets each have been commissioned at a colourful ceremony at Nante and handed over to the committee members

The project which forms part of the collaboration between the Authorities of the City of Antwerp and the Ghanaian Community in Belgium through their umbrella organisation Ghana Council Belgium, was financed by the Flemish Government, Flemish Partnership for Water Development,

DSCI6307A Belgium journalist Ms Janine Meijer from the City of Antwerp in Belgium accompanied the President of the Ghana Council in Belgium, Mr Kwaku Boama Acheampong and COLISO Staff, to visit some of COLISO’s project sites, in order to learn at first hand, their impacts on the beneficiary communities.The sites visited included Ayirebi Health Sanitation Project, Kotokuom Water & Sanitation Project, Bontodiase Water & Sanitation Project, Akim Gyadam Community Based Health Planning and Services Centre (CHPS), all in the Eastern Region of Ghana

webA mechanized potable water system for the people of Akim Bontodiase in the Akyemmansa District in the Eastern Region of Ghana has been commissioned at a ceremony at Akim Bontodiase.

The water project facility provided under the “ Provision of potable water (with solar energy) and improved sanitation in three rural communities in Ghana” was financed by Flemish Community Government, Flemish Partnership for Water Development, FOS Belgium,  DEME4Life Foundation, Algemene Centrale (AC-Antwerpen) and Ghana Council Belgium and implemented by Community Livelihoods Support Organization (COLISO GHANA), an NGO with head office in Accra and local office at Akim Oda in the Eastern Region of Ghana

The Akim Gyadam Community Health Based Planning and Service (CHPS) Centre in the Birim Central Municipality, Eastern Region of Ghana is being given development with a maternity unit.The project which was commenced in November 2014 and expected to be completed in May, 2015 will reduce risks among pregnant women who travel on tortuous and deplorable road from Gyadam to the Municipal Hospital at Oda for delivery.

For many years, the community members of Tano Odumase in the Sekyere- South District in Ashanti region of Ghana have experienced difficulties to obtain good drinking water. The water delivery system to serve the community, got broken down some 5 years ago. Some initiatives have been taken to rectify the water system but these have been inadequate for the growing population. Many water borne diseases have occurred in the Community, women and children especially have been burdened excessively.